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   According to our new research report “Global Contract Manufacturing Market Analysis”, contract manufacturing of drugs is a new option for pharmaceutical companies to reduce cost pressure and optimize their process development by support from CMOs. The market has been experiencing a sustainable growth pattern despite economic slowdown. The market for global contract manufacturing reached US$ 22.5 Billion in 2009 on the back of less time for drugs marketing and improving standards of manufacturing facilities. The sector is expected to witness a consistent growth path in future and will grow at a CAGR of 12% during 2010-2012.

   The report covers the contract manufacturing sector in key countries around the world and elaborates necessary ingredients of the market. It defines major developments of these countries and covers important sub-sections such as key players, future direction and role played by sector. Some of the countries covered are China, India, Brazil and South Korea. Moreover, the report analyses the global contract manufacturing market and factors that will impact it.

   Our report “Global Contract Manufacturing Market Analysis” elaborates various segments of the sector that may provide a significant knowledge resource to client. Segments such as ‘key market trends’ and ‘competitive landscape’ cover key factors and players driving the global contract manufacturing market. Moreover, the report covers ‘current industry issues’ which describe those factors presently looked at before contemplating overall sector.

   The report makes use of reliable data and an effective presentation mode that enhances credibility and efficacy of analysis. The future outlook in key sections outlines those factors and developments that will boost the sector and drive growth. Effective and prudent forecasting techniques have been used thereby providing high level of reliability over future outcomes. Hence, many attractive and useful features make the report a reliable source of global contract manufacturing industry and so clients may enlarge their knowledge base and facilitate investment decision making.

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Article By: Shushmul Maheshwari

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