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According to the latest research report by RNCOS “Global Influenza Vaccine Market Analysis”, global seasonal influenza vaccine market has witnessed remarkable changes over the past few years. Factors including up gradation of new strains every year, arrival of new technologies and manufacturers, and the gradual movement of the emerging markets are towards more awareness level and strong investment patterns, are propelling the growth of global market for seasonal influenza vaccines, which is expected to cross the US$ 4 Billion-mark by 2011-end.

Research Analysis and Highlights

The report “Global Influenza Vaccine Market Analysis”, spread over 55 pages, provides an in-depth analysis of the influenza vaccine production, usage, and revenue patterns in key countries of the world. It covers almost all the key aspects of market and provides comprehensive research on the major marketed vaccines, such as Fluzone, Flumist, Fluarix, and Optaflu. It investigates the current market size of the overall market and projects the future performance of the overall market by 2013. Moreover, the report also offers future outlook on the sales for key vaccines in the market and analyzes the factor responsible for growth.

Additionally, the report provides concrete information on the recent industry developments and analyzes key geographical regions by providing information on seasonal influenza vaccination coverage, production, and demand. An effective description of key market players and their recent activities has also been included to provide a balanced outlook on the potentials of the global influenza vaccine market. Some of the key highlights of the report include the following:

- The US seasonal influenza vaccine sector is anticipated to account to US$ 1.6 Billion worth by 2013-end.
- Since the approval of Fluzone Intradermal vaccine by the US FDA in May 2011, Sanofi Pasteur is optimistic about the future growth of its seasonal influenza vaccine segment.
- A large untapped opportunity in the Chinese influenza vaccine market as about 30 Million doses goes to only 2% of the target population.
- With 11 new manufacturers coming on-stream in developing countries, around 1.3 Billion doses of seasonal influenza vaccine will be produced by 2013-end.

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Article By: Shushmul Maheshwari

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