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   Had problem with your bowel movement this morning because of hard stools? Is this a regular problem? If yes, and at the same time you are a junkie of processed food, then its time to wake up. You may be suffering from the phenomenon of diverticulitis or other bowel related diseases. What is it? It is the output of the infection in your intestine wall, because of processed food and less fibered food. And the consequences are not so welcoming.

   In the age of packaged and fast food and this fast paced life we have become so ignorant to our own body that we do not even think of the effects of what we are taking. What we see is will it make us fat or slim and to get a good figure we compromise with the good food habits. And the result comes in the form of inflammatory bowel diseases, stomach related problems like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome.

   And what do we get is a visit to doctor once every week. How weird that sounds. In the times when one barely has time for oneself, one has to take time out for doctor.

   Since most of the diseases of stomach are related to our intestine and its wall and that is a soft area, and the intake of food and water decides what will be the implications on it, we should be very careful with our food habits.

   There are medicines available for these diseases but they rarely banish the disease itself. They just cure the symptoms. So, what is the solution? It is quite simple. Just turn to nature and you have the answer. The herbal and natural cures have been the best in the cure of any disease, be it of liver or of any other organ. For one thing, they do not have any side effects and they give the long lasting results and actually cure the disease.

   The interesting thing about bowel diseases is that their cure lies in the food itself. For instance, the herbal remedy for IBS includes ginger, peppermint and chamomile etc and they can be taken in the form of tea. Similarly the natural cure for Acid reflux contains carrot juice and olive. Those for diverticulitis are papaya, healthy liquids and orange juice.

   If we just say no to processed foods, drink a lot of water, lower the consumption of alcohol and caffeine and exercise daily all the intestine and liver problems can be kept at bay. A regular routine is must to live a healthy life. And what are you going to do with all the money you have earned if you are not having a good health. Start thinking.

Article By: Lily Nicolas

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