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   According to our new report entitled “US Analytical Instruments Market Forecast”, the analytical instruments market in the US is gradually recovering towards positive developments. The impact of recession on the market was significant, with industries reducing their spending patterns for new instruments. However, during the post-recession period, the US analytical instruments market is witnessing significant high demands from industries, such as chemicals, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, refining etc. Moreover, the presence of regulatory compliances is likely to boost the market revenue to US$ 7.3 Billion by 2014.

   Our report has found that, there are several acts in the US that seek to monitor the safety procedures adopted by the industries in the manufacturing of products. Food manufacturers, for instance, come under the ambit of The Food safety Modernization act (FSMA). This particular act aims to allocate amount worth US$ 1.4 Billion during the five year period. For identity testing, products like FT-IR or chromatographic techniques, such as HPLC or GC/MS can witness strong demand in future.

   The report “US Analytical Instruments Market Forecast” covers all the key segments of the US analytical instruments market, and broadly analyzes their application areas in industries. The report also provides reliable statistics related to the market and prudently analyzes all the important factors that will be responsible for future growth. In this regard, the report takes into account the future performance of key end-user industries.

   The report is an outcome of an extensive research and in-depth analysis of the US analytical instruments market that deals with current market trends and developments the industry. Future outlook in the report makes use of proper base and techniques that validate the overall growth rate. In the competitive landscape section, the report provides information on the performance of active market players and their business description & recent developments.

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Article By: Shushmul Maheshwari

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