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   These days it might be really hard for health conscious persons to select the most healthful and natural food, beauty products and dietary supplements among all the different brands. Many of the substances and foods out there that are being marketed as something extremely healthful and organic, are in many cases highly processed and sometimes even toxic. Also, a product that is labeled as organic doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s potent and effective, or even healthy. Just as in all other areas of life, knowledge is power. If you educate yourself on these matters, you’ll be able to distinguish facts from fiction the next time you’re looking for the fountain of youth.

   Speaking of the fountain of youth, how do we get to find healthy substances without any side effects that make us look and feel younger? You have probably seen them before, persons that look so much younger than they really are. They radiate a special glow, a beauty from within so to speak. This inner beauty is of course related to aspects such as genetic factors, state of mind and lifestyle.

   Freeze dried Acai is one extremely potent natural dietary supplement that has strong anti-aging properties. Several studies make probable that this is nature’s strongest antioxidant. The ORAC-score is a reliable way to measure the antioxidant capacity of a certain food or product. According to published scientific studies, freeze dried Acai of an extremely high quality, had an ORAC score of 1027 micromole TE per gram! Other methods of testing antioxidant capacity confirm these extreme results. So why take freeze dried Acai instead of the frozen berries? Simply because Acai berries contain a lot of fats, and even if the fats are healthful, they might lead to fat gain. By taking Acai capsules or powder, you get all the benefits of the berries, without any calories. Not only that, this superberry also is believed to be a strong natural aphrodisiac as well as an appetite suppressant. Several experts have ranked Acai as superfood number one. No wonder the Brazilians love Acai.

Article By: Lily Nicolas

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