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   As per our new research report, “Diabetes Market in UAE”, the UAE market for blood glucose testing products is undergoing a significant transition and over the past few years, the trend with blood glucose meters has been to maximize patient comfort and convenience by reducing the volume of the blood sample required. With the increasing income of expat population as well as domestic population in the country, the demand for such convenient and expensive products has been increasing.

   Our study indicates that the number of diabetes patients in the country has been increasing. As per our research, the number of diabetes patients in the country is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.4% during 2010-2013, which is nearly double the rate with which the global diabetes patients will rise. This will help in propelling the demand for blood glucose meter in the country, which in turn will fuel the revenues of the glucose meter market.

   Besides, we have conducted thorough research and prudent analysis of the UAE Diabetes market and identified some critical factors acting as a catalyst for the industry’s current and future growth outlook. The report reveals that the prevalence of diabetes in the country has reached close to 20%, which is a major cause of concern for the government. Taking into consideration the critical state of diseases, the UAE Government is executing several awareness programs that may facilitate the diabetes care market to post strong growth.

   In terms of current industrial scenario, there are very limited players in the country including GSK and Siemens, which provide healthcare services for chronic diseases. Besides, most of the drugs are imported and so the costs of these drugs are very high. We anticipate that the demand for these drugs will increase and their costs may go down due to some government initiatives and changes in regulations.

   “Diabetes Market in UAE”, studies the current development process and its effects on various segments of the industry. The research provides detail statistical and analytical review of the macroeconomic indicators, key drivers, and restraints. It contains exhaustive information about the market players, government initiatives, and patients’ profile that will help clients to plan market strategies and assess opportunity areas in the UAE diabetes market.

   The report also includes a section of future projection and demand analysis that provides a rough idea about the prospective market trends to facilitate clients’ understanding regarding the future growth of the market.

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Article By: Shushmul Maheshwari

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