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   According to our latest research offering “US Diagnostic Market Outlook 2014”, the US represents world largest and one of the fastest growing IVD markets. The advancements in the diagnostic techniques and intensifying disease prevalence amplified diagnostic demand in the country, which even bucked the economic slowdown quite comfortably. Confirming industry’s positive future outlook with a CAGR growth of 9.7% (2011-2014), the research acknowledged the US market attractiveness for future investments, which will continue to lure international majors for business set up and execution.

   The study identified that among the IVD segments, Point-of-Care is currently capturing the biggest market chunk in the overall IVD market. Although the segment’s future growth is expected to little slowdown, it will sustain its top position in the market in coming years. At the market growth and development front, molecular diagnostic will lead the IVD market and emerge as a lucrative business segment for investments. We expect this segment to register notable technological advancements, which will ultimately make test results far too accurate and will decrease the overall disease treatment costs.

   Further, regulatory environment will play an important role in future advancements of the US diagnostic industry. The favorable re-imbursement regime for various clinical diagnostic segments, if gets materialized, will dramatically fuel growth of the industry in coming years. Moreover, at the private sector front, the research revealed that investments in the diagnostic market are very high compared to government investments. This trend is likely to continue in next few years.

   Our report “US Diagnostic Market Outlook 2014”, has been authored to evaluate the US diagnostic market potentials and identify future growth opportunities. The report provides extensive research and analysis on current market trends and future forecasts on all prominent diagnostic techniques including POCT, clinical chemistry, immunoassays, blood testing, and molecular diagnostics. Further, the report facilitates information/statistics on market developments in laboratory applications and disease indications. Projections made on market future scenario will help clients to take informed and proactive business decisions in the fast growing US diagnostic market.

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Article By: Shushmul Maheshwari

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