Ear Conditions

  • Laser Surgery for Ear Infections (OtoLAM)

    By Douglas Hoffman, MD, PhD

    I am looking for help with my four-year-old son. From the age of six months, he has had tubes in his ears for chronic ear infections and hearing impairment.  Read..

  • Middle Ear Infection

    By Rosalyn Carson-DeWitt, MD

    Middle ear infection is a term for infection and inflammation of the middle ear. The middle ear is the part of the ear behind the eardrum.  Read..

  • Treating Childhood Ear Infections

    By Deborah Olenev, C.C.H. RSHom (NA)

    Childhood ear infections is one of the most common conditions that I treat. Other frequent conditions I treat in children are asthma, allergies, skin conditions and behavioral problems. Homeopathy is such a beautiful therapeutic modality for children, because it is noninvasive, with one dose of a remedy often lasting one to many years.  Read..

  • Stop pet ear infection!

    By Jack Marinadi, Vet

    Easy to follow steps to keep dog and cat ears clean. Signs of infections, parasites and other ear conditions.  Read..