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How long will i live with mesothelioma?

   Mesothelioma (From greek, Meso=Middle and Thelio=Tunic, Clothing), is a malignant tumor of the serous membranes of the body. This membranes serve as lining between external and internal parts of the body, mainly:
Between the Chest and Lungs: Pleura
Between the Abdominal walls and Abdominal organs: Peritoneum
Between the Heart and Lungs: Pericardium etc.

    Mesothelioma is really a dangerous disease. It is classified as a disease of the workers because of it’s relation with asbestosis. BUT can be present also in people not exposed to Asbestos. However, the signs and symptoms of mesothelioma are:
-shortness of breath (Dyspnea)
-chest wall pain
-weight loss

   But these are general symptoms, and if you have them all, it doesn’t mean You have mesothelioma. You must have a general check up from your doctor. The tests will include Radiography of the chest, then if something suspicious is seen with the Rx, you will have to undergo a Computerized Tomography. The diagnosis is made only with cytology, that means, that the cells of your Pleura should be taken and analyzed.

How long will I live if i have mesothelioma?
   Generally the prognosis of this disease is very BAD. You must know that this is a fast-spreading cancer, because of the position of the cells between two pleuras or between two pericardiums. The only chance of hope is the early diagnosis.

   If your doctor has diagnosed you in the early stages, you will have to undergo a heavy chemotherapy, and also heavy radiation. If the diagnose is made too late, the chances of survival are low. But however, when I say low, you should’t understand that you have no chance to survive. You SHOULD start the fight, and be prepared for a long road. Be physically stable, eat healthy, sleep healthy, and be strong. Also, think always positive, and try to transmit it to the others. Remember that it is also difficult for your family and friends!!!!!

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