Diseases and Conditions Diabetes Childhood Obesity May Lead to Type 1 Diabetes

The insulin is a hormone used by the body in metabolizing carbohydrates and in regulating blood sugar (glucose) levels. Some times, from special reasons, there is insufficient insulin to complete the body's need. Then diabetes occurs. Type 1 diabetes is when the body has a total lack of insulin and the type 2 is when the body does not make enough insulin or cannot properly use it.

Obesity, was long known as a leading cause of type II diabetes, but the high prevalence of childhood obesity could be the evidence that it possible accelerates the onset of type 1 diabetes in various young populations.

The most exposed groups of younger patients are those in which the production of insulin in the pancreas beta cells already had been seriously compromised.

Associated with higher body mass index (BMI), the pancreatic beta cell function is compromised and the body can no longer accomplish the additional metabolic demands. Scientists are still unable to explain whether reduced beta cell function is solely due of auto-immune factors or the non-autoimmune factors have their part of contribution.

On the other hand, studies in those young diabetes patients who still have a relatively well function of beta cells, revealed that there is no statistical association between age of onset and high BMI.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

this helped me and my partner on our health ed project! thank you

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