Diseases and Conditions Diabetes If you need Insulin, better to start early

Pancreas produces Insulin, a hormone throughout life. Insulin shifts glucose from blood to inside of cells and its deficiency leads to rise in Glucose level that is Diabetes. If after taking full dose of oral tablets, still the level of blood sugar is high then in such a situation it is best to take insulin .Any one including kids can easily inject Insulin. It is easy to inject Insulin due to availability of syringes with very fine needles, insulin pens, and insulin pump. Some people have misconception that insulin cannot be kept out of Refrigerator. But as per ADA recommendations, Insulin can be kept at room temperature for 3 to 4 weeks.

There are few important points to remember by Insulin users. Maintaining a good personal hygiene and washing hands prior to prick is important. In tropical and hot countries where there is lot of sweating, it is better to clean skin with spirit and needle to be inserted only after the spirit evaporates and surface is dry. The site of injection can also be cleaned with soap and water. Areas used to take Insulin prick are:

1     Abdomen, 3 inches away from umbilicus
2     Outer thighs
3     Outer arms

It is very important not to inject insulin at the same site daily. Insulin should be injected at different sites. The injection site should be rotated in such a way that there are few days interval between same sites.

Dr. Sunil M Jain, a well known endocrinologist gives 4 tips to make insulin shot a virtually painless experience.

1     Tip 1: Better to keep the insulin in use, at room temperature in a cold place, away from sun light.
2     Tip 2 : If using spirit, better to wait till spirit is fully evaporated and the skin is dry
3     Tip 3: Better to avoid pricking through the hair roots.
4     Tip 4 : To use a new needle every time

These all aspects are also explained through movies at Diabeteshormone.com.
Thus, if pancreas is not producing sufficient amount of insulin, it is better to supplement Insulin and lead a better life. First Insulin prick generally removes myths and fear from most of the patients mind. One good approach to remove fear of Insulin is to give the first shot in clinic and most patients will just say, I never thought it will be so easy.

The author is a doctor by profession and experienced writer with an enthusiastic interest in health industry, expertise in taking Insulin Pump, and type 1 Diabetes. Read more about Diabetes Blogs

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