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  • Donít let the Bed Bugs Bite!- Understanding Domestic Critters

    By Polina

    Every household will share living space with a few bugs and mites. The majority of these critters wonít harm you and arenít anything to worry about, but there are a few which you might want to prevent setting up home, or know how to get rid of for hygiene and health reasons. Below is a brief guide to a few different kinds of domestic bugs specifying which ones you might want to get rid of, and which ones are good to stay.  Read..

  • The biology of House Dust Mites and Dust Mite Allergies

    By Maire Fox

    House Dust Mites (HDM) are a major source of allergen and found in temperate and humid areas. There is widely published data that shows how House Dust Mites avoidance can reduce exposure to allergens. This article looks at the properties of house dust mite and recommendations for reducing HDM in the home.  Read..

  • Should i be worried about lymeís disease?

    By Gen Mer

    Before answering this very practical question, we should start explaining what is this disease. Lymeís disease (also called Borreliosis, deriving from the name Borrelia, the Bacteria that is causing the infection), is a Zoonosis, that means, an infection that is mainly present in animals, but can harm man. The Borrelias are part of the Spirocheta family, the same family in which the Treponema Pallidum belongs (Treponema is the causing agent of Syphilis).  Read..

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