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We all Human beings need energy to survive. We are made of trillions of small units called cells. Our body cells need energy to work. We eat to get energy from food. Whatever we eat has Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats as energy providing substance. A healthy diet contains nearly 60% carbohydrate, 20% proteins and 20% fats.

After eating, carbohydrate component of food is broken to glucose in our intestine. This glucose reaches in blood & then to cells of body. This glucose needs to enter inside the cell to provide energy.

But glucose cannot enter inside the cell without a help, called Insulin. Insulin is a hormone continuously released from pancreas & this Insulin takes glucose inside of cells.

Food is converted to glucose & this glucose is provided to body cells with help of Insulin. Insulin is not a drug as most people think. It is a hormone produced in our pancreas. There is a continuous secretion of Insulin by pancreas from birth to death.

Whenever we eat, glucose enters in blood and as per rate of glucose entry; quantity of Insulin produced is increased by pancreas. This extra amount of Insulin then shifts glucose coming from food to inside of body cells where it is utilized to provide energy.

If our pancreas does not produce sufficient quantity of insulin or Insulin circulating in blood works less effectively, then after eating food, glucose enters in blood but cannot be shifted to body cells and thus its level starts rising in blood and this stage is called as Diabetes.

Thus in Diabetes, on one hand body cells are deprived of glucose and on other hand glucose circulates in high level in blood & gets converted to various chemicals which damage Eyes, Kidneys, Nerves, Heart etc.

Aim of treating diabetes is to keep desired amount of insulin in blood, so as to keep glucose level in normal range. Any treatment strategy, which can keep Insulin level in required amount, will help in keeping glucose level in normal range.

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