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Yoga, the age-old science that originated in India, is blessed with many benefits that are particularly helpful for people with diabetes.

Since Yoga is considered a science that helps in the all-round development of a human, it can be effectively used for the betterment of diabetes patients. It is an extensive exercise that involves busting of stress and providing peace of mind.

One of the contributing factors of Diabetes is stress. Given the modern lifestyles, most people find themselves amid a sea of tension and stress. It is difficult for them to avoid stress altogether.

However, if the treatment of Diabetes and stress busting go hand in hand, the patient can still lead a fairly normal life. This requires major modifications in his lifestyles. This is exactly where Yoga can become an effective tool.

One of the major focuses of Yoga is to bring about the ideal features of a healthy body. It means a proportionate body, which is strong enough and can fight with ailments. Various Yogasanas help attain this position in a very systematic manner.

Similarly, the mental, intellectual and emotional conflicts are also taken care of with the help of Yoga. While studies have shown that intellectual and emotional states of mind have a bearing on the progression of this disease, they have also emphasized that stress reduction can help in the better management of glycemic control. If this target is achieved, diabetes can be controlled effectively.

While a lot is talked about yoga, yoga is not just theory. It needs to be practiced. To make its practice easy and correct, diabeteshormone.com has used movies and slide shows to provide information.

Some very useful and credible information about the role of Yoga in treatment of Diabetes is effectively showcased on diabeteshormone.com. There is a full movie section on Yoga apart from a slide show at the Online Class section. All these are divided into two major areas- for beginners and for people who are already doing basic level Yoga.

The section gives not only theory but also practical implementation of Yogasanas through visual aids. The experts featuring on the show have presented clear and detailed demonstration of Yogasanas, making them easier to practice. In addition, the section also has an exclusive visual presentation on Pranayam that features the various advantages and practical implementation of this Yogasana. Another very useful section involves the Padmasana and Tadasana-two very effective Yoga exercises.

As per Dr Sunil M Jain, there is another side also which must be remembered. Any activity involving holding of breath may increase pressure in eye ball. Thus patients who have damage to retina[Diabetic retinopathy] should avoid any Yoga exercises like Pranayam etc that involve holding of breath.

Thus, stress management with the help of Yoga may be useful in getting better control over Diabetes.

Author’s Biography: The author is a doctor by profession and experienced writer with an enthusiastic interest in health industry, expertise in Yoga & Exercise, Yogasanas , Padmasana and Tadasana

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