Beractant Drug Information

Contains Beractant drug information and provides Beractant drug indication, contraindication, special concerns, side effects, overdose management and dosage
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List of Contents:
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Special Concerns
  • Side Effects
  • Overdose Management
  • Dosage

  • Indications:
    Prevention and treatment (``rescue'') of respiratory distress syndrome (hyaline membrane disease) in premature infants.
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    Special Concerns:
    Beractant can quickly affect oxygenation and lung compliance; thus, use only in a highly supervised setting with immediate availability of physicians experienced with intubation, ventilator management, and general care of premature infants.
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    Side Effects:
    Commonly, side effects are associated with the dosing procedure and include transient bradycardia, oxygen desaturation, ET tube reflux, vasoconstriction, pallor, hypotension, hypertension, ET tube blockage, hypocarbia, hypercarbia, and apnea. Other symptoms include intracranial hemorrhage rales, moist breath sounds, and nosocomial sepsis.
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    Overdose Management:
    Symptoms: Acute airway obstruction.
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    Drug Interactions:
    No Available information
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    Intratracheal Only

    4 mL/kg (100 mg phospholipids/kg birth weight).
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