Glatiramer acetate[ (Copaxone) ] Drug Information

Contains Glatiramer acetate drug information and provides Glatiramer acetate drug indication, contraindication, special concerns, side effects, overdose management and dosage
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Reduce frequency of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.
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Hypersensitivity to glatiramer or mannitol.
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Special Concerns:
Use with caution during lactation. Safety and efficacy have not been determined in children less than 18 years of age. May interfere with useful immune function.
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Side Effects:
Side effects listed are those with incidence of 1% or more. Immediate-post injection reaction: Flushing, chest pain, palpitations, anxiety, dyspnea, laryngeal constriction, urticaria. CNS: Anxiety, hypertonia, tremor, vertigo, agitation, foot drop, nervousness, nystagmus, speech disorder, confusion, abnormal dreams, emotional lability, stupor, migraine. GI: Nausea, diarrhea, anorexia, vomiting, GI disorder, abdominal pain, gastroenteritis, bowel urgency, oral moniliasis, salivary gland enlargement, tooth caries, ulcerative stomatitis. CV: Vasodilation, palpitations, tachycardia, syncope, hypertension. Body as a whole: Infection, asthenia, pain, transient chest pain, flu syndrome, back pain, fever, neck pain, face edema, bacterial infection, chills, cyst, headache, injection site ecchymosis, accidental injury, neck rigidity, malaise, injection site edema or atrophy, abscess, peripheral edema, edema, weight gain. Dermatologic: Rash, pruritus, sweating, herpes simplex, erythema, urticaria, skin nodule, eczema, herpes zoster, pustular rash, skin atrophy and warts. GU: Urinary urgency, vaginal monoliasis, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, hematuria, impotence, menorrhagia, suspicious Pap smear, vaginal hemorrhage. Hematologic: Ecchymosis, lymphadenopathy. Respiratory: Dyspnea, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, laryngismus, hyperventilation. At injection site: Pain, erythema, inflammation, pruritus, mass, induration, welt, hemorrhage, urticaria. Miscellaneous: Ear pain, eye disorder, arthralgia.
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Overdose Management:
No Available information
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Drug Interactions:
Do not give echinacea with glatiramer.
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•SC Multiple sclerosis.

Adults: 20 mg/day SC.
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