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   The Social Network, referred to by many as “The Facebook Movie” became a huge hit to viewers, young and old alike. It revolves around Mark Zuckerberg’s, the brilliant mind behind Facebook who is now among the richest 20-something in the world, quest for acceptance. It satisfies viewers’ curiosity on how and what brought about the creation of one of the most successful websites in all time. The Social Network talks about the journey of a young man, who was called a geek, an asshole, and then later on, a genius, and a billionaire.

   There is no doubt that the movie is riveting and is sure to appeal to everyone who uses Facebook – even those who do not. The Social Network has earned millions of sales from viewers and cinemas all across the globe. Even if the film was a standout creative insight itself, many still link its success to the worldwide acceptance of Facebook.

   Facebook first became a hit to frequent online users. They were individuals who worked on the Internet for hours, students who had to research online every day, geeks, and teenagers who resorted to the Web for games and entertainment. But just a few months or barely a year later, we see men and women of different ages logging into their Facebook accounts for different reasons.

   Facebook, primarily serves as a networking site for many. People log into their accounts to connect with friends and loved ones. The site also has a chat feature that allows its users to chat with their online friends. But more than just being a tool for networking, it also offers several forms of entertainment. Facebook games continue to hook users of different ages. It allows everyone to share photos or videos with friends from the other side of the world. Entrepreneurs even use the site to market their products and to reach out to a global market. But more than just being a networking site, another aspect of Facebook that continues to lure its users to keep on coming back are its online games. Kids, for instance, enjoy kiddie games like Pet Society. Beachtown, which is one of the newest online applications on Facebook today, allows beach bums to enjoy beach life any time they want to. Beachtown gives Facebook users a chance to create a virtual beach life. Pet Society and Beachtown are just two of the most engaging games that the site offers.

   To date, Facebook continues to lure a wide range of users today. The Social Network was right – it serves more than just social networking.

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