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   Today, the planet is calling for desperate help, like it never did before. Environmental issues are pressing. And if we do not do anything about it, we could end up losing everything that we are enjoying today – including life. The good news is that more and more people are learning to go out of their own means in order to do something for the environment. To spread the message faster, they even use social networking websites like Facebook, to tap as many people as they can. Here are ways to help the environment through social networking.

   Make an advocacy group on Facebook. Facebook reaches millions of users from all across the globe. People from all walks of life – men and women from different walks of life, young and old alike, access their Facebook accounts every day not just to connect with friends but also to play games, to advertise products, etc. Using the largest social networking site on the Internet today will play a huge role in tapping individuals and in encouraging them to join you in your advocacy.

   Post pictures. To make your advocacy more realistic, convey your message in a visual manner. For instance, if you advocate beach clean-up, post pictures of you and your friends cleaning the beach and having fun at the same time. Photo essays work best. If you have the flair for photography, use this to your advantage and to help the environment.

    Make a blog. Make a diary. Tell people what you’ve done so far in helping the environment. Let them know about the fulfillment that you get from your job. Post pictures as well. If you get good traffic, you can even monetize your blog and earn money from it in the long run.

   Tweet to mobilize people to help. Aside from Facebook, you may also use Twitter to help promote your advocacy. Follow and be followed by as many people as possible. Share your thoughts and your achievement for the day. Maximize Twitter applications. Post on-location pictures.

   If you’re a Mom, encourage your kids to play games that help save the environment. Beachtown is a new game on Facebook. It gives kids and adults the chance to create a virtual beachtown. But the essence of the game does not end there. Players can understand real issues that beset the environment today.

   Continue helping the environment through these tips and let’s all strive to make a better place.

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Article By: Hueys Planet

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