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  Herbal treatment for pets offers natural relief for a variety of ailments, is excellent as preventive medicine and will help keep pets healthy through all stages of life.

  Many pet owners are choosing to look after and treat their beloved pets with herbal treatments as they are concerned about the harmful and distressing side-effects of pharmaceuticals. In addition to this herbal treatment for pets is often less expensive than pharmaceuticals.

   Herbal treatment for pets is a tried and tested method which has existed for centuries as a way to keep your pets healthy. Due to the short digestive tracts which many pets have such as cats and dogs, herbs in their raw state can't be digested easily therefore such medication are usually given in a tincture or a tea which can be given orally or in the pet's food.

   Many herbal remedies can be a great support for your pets' immune system. Basil is often used in herbal treatment for pets as it is an effective antiseptic as is Garlic. Garlic is also excellent for treating respiratory problems and a great expectorant.

   As for humans, Lavender can be used for its relaxing and soothing properties. At the other extreme, Nettle can be used as a stimulant and in aiding fluid retention. It's a good diuretic for pets as it is for humans and can often be given in tea form as well as a tincture.

   Dandelion helps to cure kidney problems and liver disorders in pets. Aloe Vera is becoming a popular herbal treatment for pets because of its anti anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antibiotic properties. It's quite a cure-all in terms of herbal remedies and it also relieves pain.

   A pet shampoo containing Aloe Vera can be used to soothe flea bites if the garlic hasn't already repelled the fleas before hand! Peppermint and Rosemary dabbed onto the skin can be used to soothe itching caused by a variety of reasons.

   Valerian and lavender are excellent for soothing stress in your pet as they are for humans. It is important to remember that pets can also become stressed for many reasons some being traveling, moving house, being attacked or even in a storm!

   If your pet is unfortunate enough to suffer from an abscess, you can use Chamomile to help to prevent any infection and Peppermint tea is gentle enough to be used on the open wound. Cider vinegar will actually help to remove many parasites although if the abscess is deep you should consult your vet immediately.

   In fact, you should consult a vet before you use any herbal treatment for your pet may be allergic to the herbal medications and there also may be side effects. These are just a few examples of the many excellent herbals treatments that are available to keep your pet the best of health.

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Article By: Zachary Ling

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