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Those of us who do not wear glasses might have wondered why so many people these days are wearing glasses for vision correction. In general, people begin to wear glasses before and during their teenage years. Then, they continue wearing glasses for the rest of their lives. The standard medical explanation for this is genetics.

Even though genetics is said to be one of the main causes, the number of people with vision defects is increasing these days as compared to what it was some years ago. A recent study has shown that in Asia over the last two generations nearsightedness (myopia) has grown from 20% to 80% in children and even up to 90% in young adults. Recent research suggests that a combination of academics which requires continuous close work and a lack of outdoor light can be the cause “Matt McGrath, BBC World Service, 2012”

It has also been shown that, in addition to these two factors, a lot of vision defects are due to the strain and stress placed on the eyes by our modern day lives. This trend has prompted many people to type in ‘how to improve eyesight?’ into their search engines. Most of these people also want to attain this objective in a natural manner. Here are some useful tips on how to improve eyesight naturally:

Even though contact lenses and glasses are worn for vision correction, they actually weaken the eyesight of the users rather than improve it. They also make the wearer dependent on some sort of support like glasses or contact lenses to get clear vision. However, it should be remembered that, just like any other part of the human body, the eyes also possess some natural healing abilities. With proper knowledge and motivation individuals can regularly perform eye exercises that will relax and strengthen their eyes and thereby improve their vision.

There are other ways that you can improve your eyesight naturally. As most of us have heard, carrots are capable of improving vision, but they cannot do this magically or all of a sudden. A regular intake of carrots which are rich in beta-carotenes can bring about a gradual improvement in your vision. Don’t forget to eat your greens as well! Green leafy vegetables like kale, swiss chard and spinach contain lutein, an essential component in maintaining and improving eyesight.

Practicing regular exercises like the “Palming Eye Exercise” can reduce eye strain and stress on eyes, especially for those people who get eye strain from working on computers. Even taking a few minutes to gaze out the window at some greenery or any other distant objects can bring relaxation to the eyes.

If possible, it is better to avoid too much dependence on contact lenses or eyeglasses. Most natural vision improvement experts suggest that it is better to wear glasses only when it is absolutely needed, like driving or any other hazardous activity. Otherwise, it is better to use your eyes naturally without any aid. It is important to remember, however, to not strain your eyes when not wearing your glasses. Try to use your eyes in a relaxed way.

If you are an IT professional or just someone who spends hours and hours on the computer who is searching for ‘how to improve eyesight naturally?’, here is your answer. Develop a regular practice of eye exercises and eat food that will nourish your eyes. These steps will surely help in improving your vision in the long run.

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