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Everybody gets sad sometimes. You feel like your parents or your friends hate you and you want to stay up in your room and get away from them all. That can happen to anyone. However, the feelings usually pass in a few hours or a few days. Pretty soon, you are back to your usual self.

Occasionally, some kids get bad feelings that do not go away. The sad or angry feelings go on for weeks or months. He or she may lose interest in friends and school. It can affect appetite. Even the one’s very favorite food seems unappealing.

Kid Power: A guide to dealing with depression was written by an eleven year old boy who had depression himself. He divides depressed kids into two main types. "Turtles" become withdrawn and slow down. "Dragons" show their depression with increased irritability and anger.

If your depressed feelings have gone on for more than two weeks, if the depression is interfering with your life or if you start to wish you weren‘t around, tell an adult. Depression can be treated. You would be surprised how much better you will feel.

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Article By: Carol E. Watkins, MD

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