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Sperm freezing is the best fertility preserving option for men. Sperm banking is of great help for couples with infertility issues. Fortunately, male factor infertility no longer means a couple must forgo the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Thanks to modern reproductive technology and sperm banks, many of these couples have the option of becoming parents by using artificial insemination. The evolution of sperm Bank has enabled women to have greater control over their reproductive lives. By providing sperm from donors who are checked and screened, thousands of women every year are able to bear their own children in circumstances where this might otherwise not be possible.

In India,Rotunda Sperm Bank is one of India's largest human sperm banks and is at par with any comparable International bank. It provides the most up-to-date genetic and infectious disease-tested donor semen for infertile couples, along with freezing and storage services for patients who desire to have their own semen specimens preserved for future use.

Sperm freezing/banking facility is also available for Male factor infertility/husband having problem of producing the sample on demand. In such cases Samples from husband are freezed prior to IUI or IVF & pooled later on to get required no. of motile sperms for IUI or IVF.

What is a sperm bank?

A sperm bank, semen bank or cryobank is a facility that collects and stores human sperm mainly from sperm donors, primarily for the purpose of achieving pregnancies through third party reproduction, notably by artificial insemination. Sperm donated in this way is known as donor sperm.

To whom is the sperm bank useful?

In certain cases the sperms of the husband is stored and frozen, which is later used for the infertility treatment of the wife. Following are the usual circumstances where it may be necessary:

Situational Erectile Dysfunction in Males
Long Distance Relationship
Variable Sperm Count in Males
Cancer in Males

Why Sperm Freezing?
When you are going for Cancer Therapies : Cancer therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can cause permanent sterility and infertility. Having your sperm frozen can preserve future fertility.

Who uses the sperm bank?
Sperm bank is used by Lesbian couples, single women and where a woman's partner is infertile or where he carries genetic disease. Sperm from a sperm donor may also be used in surrogacy arrangements and for creating embryos for embryo donation. Sperm banks may supply other sperm banks or a fertility clinic with donor sperm to be used for achieving pregnancies. Sperm banks may also supply sperm for research or educational purposes. Men may also use a sperm bank to store their own sperm for future use particularly where they anticipate traveling to a war zone or having to undergo chemotherapy which might damage the tests. Others who may want to consider sperm banking are men in the military who are being deployed overseas, men in other dangerous occupations, those who are getting a vasectomy and want to bank some sperm, or those who have a medical condition other than cancer in which treatment could destroy fertility.

How are the sperm stored in Sperm Bank?
Sperm are frozen and stored through a process called cryopreservation. Semen samples are prepared first with a solution that minimizes damage during the freezing and thawing processes. The samples are then placed in vials, sealed and slowly frozen in liquid nitrogen vapor. Frozen samples are stored in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius (-320 degrees Fahrenheit). Frozen semen seems to have no expiration date as long as the storage environment is well maintained and stable. Specimens may be stored until an individual decides to withdraw sperm for assisted reproductive treatments or the donor decides to end his storage contract. Sperm can be frozen indefinitely.

What are the advantages of using sperm banks ?
Choosing a donor through a sperm bank will mean that the donor will have no involvement with the child’s upbringing until the child reaches 18 years and may wish to contact the donor. Most of the time the donor is anonymous. It is also assured that the donor will have no legal right over the child and that all health screening tests are completed. Within sperm banks donors are tested for diseases and infections such as HIV, HTLV-1 and HTLV-2, syphilis, Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and cystic fibrosis. The use of sperm bank and donor sperm can be extremely advantageous where a male partner bears an inherited disease he is quite likely to pass on to his child, or if he doesn’t produce enough sperm to achieve pregnancy or defective sperm that are unlikely to achieve fertilisation. Lesbian couples and single mums did not have a chance to get pregnant without direct male involvement, whereas now they can easily get pregnant with the help of sperm banks. All those who are going throtgh some medical treatment or some surgery can store their sperm for use in the future,

What are the disadvantages of sperm banks ?
The main disadvantage of using a sperm bank to choose a sperm donor is that a person is not able to get sufficient information about the donor, for example facial characteristics, personality, sense of humor and mental capacity. There is no contact between the donor and the couple or single mom so even if they wish to keep contact for the beneficial effect on the child’s identity, they cannot do it. For the donor the disadvantage on donating directly to a sperm bank is that he is unable to choose the woman or couple whom he wants to help nor he is able to keep in touch if he chooses to do so. the cost involved in storing the sperm and the amount paid to donor increases the cost of the treatment.

Are there any alternatives to sperm banks ?
The options for lesbian couples, single women and infertile couples are increasing, with internet connection websites now allowing people to actually meet donors, co-parents and recipients with the view of having a child through artificial insemination.

Rotunda Sperm Bank is one of India's largest human sperm banks and is at par with any comparable International sperm bank. It provides the most up-to-date genetic and infectious disease-tested donor semen for infertile couples, along with freezing and storage services for patients who desire to have their own semen specimens preserved for future use. Now patients can even send us their embryos/sperms using our CryoshipTM service.

Now everyone can have baby, Everyone can Start Creating Families and be a proud parent today by contacting them and Please fill in your details on their websites at

The following Standared Sperm Freezing & Semen Banking services are available-
1. Semen banking with programs for both long-term and short-term storage
2. Standard and pre-processed cryopreservation
3. Semen analysis - Cryosurvival - Concentration for oligozoospermia
4. Sperm processing procedures including retrograde ejaculates for IUI
5. Standard and pre-processed anonymous donor semen
6. Artificial insemination

Contact and connect for more details and information:
Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction or or or simply email at or just call on +91 22 2655 2000

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