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Short stature or short height is a common problem in children and if timely treatment is not given then kids may remain short. This leads to problems like job related issues, inferiority complex in child, marriage related problems etc. For timely treatment, it is important to diagnose short height at right time and then consult the doctor so that to get treatment at proper time. Endocrinologists usually treat this problem but unfortunately child is brought too late. There is a need of a simple and easy way so that parents can understand and know about growth of their kids and it is normal of abnormal, thus timely consultation with expert doctor is possible. has come with a health tool – is your kid growing normally. This tool needs very basic information about kid like date of birth, height and weight of child and height of both parents. With this information, it calculates and provides information in text as well as growth chart format.

This tool provides information about expected height [target height] of the child and is child is growing as per expected height or he/ she is short or tall. This health tool provides information based on NCHS data. It also mentions centile of growth of the child, which is a very scientific way of analyzing growth and height. In statistical terms, if height falls out side 2 standard deviation that is more then 95th centile or less then 5th centile then height is abnormal. This health tool identifies kids who are below 5th centile or above 95th centile and advises parents to consult Endocrinologist [Hormone expert doctor].

In addition to text information, this health tool prepares a graph which can be printed by parents. This graph gives all information about kids growth and height and weight are also plotted automatically. Parents can monitor their kids growth on this graph also. Further, they can discuss this graph with their pediatrician also.

Many parents as well as clinics are using this tool to record growth and height of kids and this has made it possible to diagnose short stature very early. Schools can use this tool to keep record of growth of students. Those kids who remain low on growth chart, they most likely have some problem responsible for their shortness.

It is easy to treat particularly when a cause is identified. Growth hormone deficiency and Thyroid hormone deficiency are common causes of shortness.

During childhood, these hormones work on growth plate of bones and make them longer and that’s how height increases. After an age, this growth plate fuses and then no growth can occur. Unfortunately, on many occasions, child is brought to a doctor when his bones are already fused. At this point, even if treatment is given, there is no benefit as bones can no longer grow.

Thus, it is very crucial that parents should monitor growth of their kids and should be able to identify any abnormality. This tool on has made it possible. This is the first tool on net, which provides option to prepare an on line growth chart, gives interpretation as well as recommendations and can be printed for record. It is expected that, with help of this tool many kids with short stature will be diagnosed in time and can be helped.

The author is a doctor by profession and experienced writer with an enthusiastic interest in health industry, expertise in Thyroid problems, and health tools. Read more about diabetes at diabetes hormone.

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