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     Obesity and infertility have been linked together by several studies. But what is the precise relationship between obesity and female infertility? And why do women who are obese have a greater risk of fertility and other pregnancy-related problems?

    A person is defined as being obese if thirty per cent of her body weight is made up of fat tissue.

    Obesity results in an increased production of estrogen; this hormonal imbalance in turn interferes with ovulation, which of course, is the basis of successful conception.

   Obesity and women’s fertility are strongly related, as any woman with PCOS could tell you. New study from the UK,suggest a linkage between women’s body weight their ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term:
    Overweight women undergoing fertility treatment have double the risk of miscarriage of normal weight women, a UK study says.

    Obesity poses a greater risk to both maternal and fetal health during pregnancy. Studies show that obesity is associated with adverse consequences like malformation, still birth, gestational diabetes, and the need for a cesarean delivery.

Treating Obesity

There are many options available in treating obesity, such as:

    1.Altering your diet. Avoid foods that are high in saturated or trans fats or that are high in sugar. Enrich your diet with whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lean sources of protein

    2.Exercise regularly. Even moderate forms of exercise, such as walking or low-impact aerobics, can lead to healthy weight loss

    3.Gastric bypass surgery. Many people who are obese turn to surgery in order to reduce their appetites

Always consult your physician on any of the above obesity treatments.

But how does obesity cause infertility?Dose Obesity Raises Risk of Miscarriage?

    For more information on being obese or overweight and how it affects your pregnancy, read this Fertility article called Obesity and Female Infertility,Risk of Miscarriage at

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