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Surrogate mother services is in real words blessing for those infertile couples who for some reason cannot conceive. Even single men and same sex couples-gay dads can also fulfill their dream of becoming parents with the help of surrogate mother.

Surrogate mothers in India are woman who get paid to become pregnant with children of couples who cannot conceive on their own. Surrogate mothers is a growing trend in India for women who are not able to have children. Couples from the United States,UK, Australia,Europe, Israel and elsewhere are increasingly turning to India for the ultimate outsource — surrogate mothers. Infertility clinics and infertility specialists are located in every major Indian city.

While the idea of lending one's womb to another woman (dubbed as “rent-a-womb” and an outsourcing of pregnancy) may be unpalatable to many Indians, but time seems to be changing, and more women - both single and married - are choosing to be surrogates. The issue was highlighted recently when Bollywood actor Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao decided to have a child using a surrogate mother. Surrogacy is a wonderful opportunity for families who cannot have children any other way, but it is also important to find a service that supports both the surrogate and the potential parents. You need to find the right person to be your surrogate. This is not a role for everyone to be a surrogate mother. This surrogate is like a God to them because without her they would never had their child,

Infertility clinic provides their patients with bunch of services like finding surrogate mother,continual monitoring of the surrogates, monitoring their appointments and ensuring that the surrogate mother preserves a healthy lifestyle. Above all they provide facilities to intended parents like visa and passport arrangement, hotel stay, surrogacy attorney and an arrangement for egg donor or sperm donor.

Why more and more couples are choosing Indian Surrogate Mothers and Indian surrogacy clinic?

Many foreigners are turning to surrogacy overseas because of obvious reasons like High cost of surrogacy in their country, surrogacy laws of their country and non availability of surrogacy treatments to single parents or homosexuals. Apart from above following factors play a crucial role in deciding Indian surrogate mother and surrogacy clinic.

1) The cost of surrogacy in India is very less as compared to that in the developed countries. Prospective parents can expect to spend 50% less on a surrogate mother for hire in India than what they would spend in a developed country. This low prices is because the cost of living in India is drastically cheaper than in the Western countries. India is foremost in surrogacy because of the low cost treatment and availability of women opting to be surrogate for childless couples. In India Surrogacy costs about $ 20,000 compared to US where it is $50,000.

2) Healthcare is cheaper in India. Many surrogacy clinics in India offer attractive packages that includes facilities like fees of doctors, fees of surrogate mother, legal fees, other medical necessities like tests and medications, Visa /Passport for Parents and New-Born, IVF/ICSI procedure including Embryo Freezing, Medications and other expenses for the surrogate, hotel accomodation and site seeing for intended parents. This makes it very advantageous for the foreigners.

3) India IVF clinics claim a high success rate as doctors are allowed to implant five embryos into the uterus at one time. In many other countries, only two implants are allowed.

4) The chances of surrogates keeping the child with them after birth are very minimal because they sign away the right to the intended parents before the birth only. Above all surrogate mothers in India come from lower middle-class families. Surrogate mothers do it to enhance their family's financial condition. Many do it to pay their debts, to buy their own house or to get their children a good education. So the risk is very less.

5) Legal Aspect of Surrogacy as law are in favor of surrogacy treatment in India.

6) Surrogacy clinics are state-of-the-art medical facilities, equipped with the latest in cutting edge in ART technologies.
Doctors who work in surrogacy centers are expert physicians, many of whom have years of experience, both in India and abroad.
The majority of Indian doctors speak perfect English, as well, so the language barrier is not something that potential parents need to worry about. Friendly and knowledgeable staff across the leading fertility clinics in the country, helps you in finding a healthy womb carrier in India.

7) In many countries around the world, surrogacy is either too expensive, illegal, or not available to certain demographics (such as single parents or homosexuals). However, surrogacy in India is available to all. Surrogacy is also permitted for same-sex couples in India.

The draft proposed bill to regulate surrogacy in India is in its way. It may change the scene for gay couples seeking surrogacy in India. The draft law bans gay couples from using surrogate mothers; foreign women will have to prove they cannot bear a child (some women opt for surrogate babies because they fear losing their figure, want to avoid the rigours of labour or are reluctant to leave their careers); allows for couples to be prosecuted if they shun a baby with defects; stops Indian women aged under 21 or over 35 from being surrogates; and stops them giving birth more than five times, including their own children.

Commercial surrogacy is a booming industry in India, and in recent years the ranks of childless foreign couples have been swelled by gay partners looking for a low-cost, legally-friendly path to parenthood. Surrogacy Abroad / overseas at Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction is open for married, unmarried,and gay/lesbian couples/Singles,Same sex couples who cannot have baby of their due to biological inabilities and deficiencies.

The very first foreign gay partners to secure a baby through surrogacy in India — in May 2008 — were Israelis who used the Rotunda Fertility Clinic in Mumbai, which has been at the forefront of what some call the “pregnancy outsourcing” trend in India. Dr.Gautam Allahbadia, who runs the clinic, says he has since handled pregnancies for more than 60 overseas gay couples.

The most fascinating thing is that you don’t have to come to India, You have to just send your sperm by The Rotunda CryoShip Global service. We find an egg donor, we get your surrogate pregnant.”You just come down, pick up your baby, and go back home.” Rotunda offers alternate options for surrogacy in USA, options for surrogacy in Canada,options for surrogacy in Europe by providing best surrogacy doctors in Mumbai India, best surrogate mothers in India, best surrogacy arrangement in India.
Proven success in surrogacy is inspiring more and more couples to visit India.

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