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Each and every person has a different medical history. Hence it becomes all the more important to have a talk with the dentist regarding the risk factors or your personal experience with the much talked about periodontal disease. By having a regular and open talk with the dentist, you can keep this disease at bay. So what are the things that you need to share with your dentist?

Here is a gist of all such information.

1. Always make someone accompany you when you visit the dentist. It is better to have a third person listen to the conversation you have with the dentist so that important things can be remembered easily.
2. It is a normal tendency with people to forget some of the things they want to discuss with the dentist. Hence, make a note of all the things in writing beforehand.
3. Note down all the answers regarding the periodontal treatment the dentist gives on a piece of paper. It is very important that all you hear is also understood by you. Clarify all the points before you leave.
4. You should neither be afraid nor be ashamed of asking even the silliest questions as it is your right to ask.

Basic questions to be asked on periodontal disease:

1. What are the symptoms that suggest the beginning of periodontal disease?
2. Is there any specific toothbrush that should be used to prevent this disease?
3. Is there any specific toothpaste recommended for this disease?
4. How to clean the part in between teeth?
5. Is a mouth rinse with fluoride suggested to prevent this disease?
6. At what intervals should cleaning and checkups be conducted?

Other things to be asked regarding the risk of getting periodontal disease

1. How likely is a person to get this disease?
2. What precautions need to be taken during the risk periods?
3. What are the risks of periodontal disease during pregnancy?
4. Does it cause any harm to the baby in pregnancy?
Apart from this entire list of questions you should ask about the changes in the lifestyle that you need to adopt. You should know about the complications and the way to deal with it.

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Article By: debbra huskey

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