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   When Mother Nature strikes, she makes sure that everybody pays off. Studies have proved that tsunamis have killed over 70,000 people in the 20th century. This number can be very alarming. Despite the increasing number of tsunamis destroying infrastructure, plantations, ad life, tsunami prediction remains at its early stage. In the past, people used primitive cues to detect a tsunami. As technology advanced, complex satellite data were made and detecting the killer waves became a lot easier. Experts say that the best spots to predict tsunamis are those where earthquakes are like felt. Here are some tips for tsunami prediction.

   1.     Run a computer simulation of earthquake effects in different locations on the globe. Do this right after the occurrence of an earthquake with an epicenter in the ocean. This will help you find out where the tsunami is more likely to hit.

   2.     If you want to find out if a tsunami has started, use a pressure sensor at the bottom of the ocean. It needs experts to do this. But by doing so, you will also have an idea as to how large it would be.

   3.     Then, start mapping the locations of areas that are most likely to be affected by the wave. Relate this to the information collected by your satellite and other geological data that exist.

  4.     The most common visual indicator that a tsunami is fast approaching is a retreating shoreline. This is an evidence that a tsunami is currently building. To gauge how large the wave is, check how far the water is receding.

   5.     Check earthquake hot zones. There are earthquake hot zones. The ring of fire in the Pacific is a hot zone. After the occurrence of an ocean earthquake, check elevation maps. This will help predict as to which areas are most likely to be hit by the tsunami. 

  6.     Consider earthquake prediction data. This may include new uses for satellite data. As mentioned earthquake predictors give warning that a tsunami is about to occur.

   Mother Nature is beautifully complex. Despite the advancements in technology, some people still believe that the killer waves are natures way of making revenge and punishing the human world for their harmful treatment of the environment.

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