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   Ice cream at the beach? If you want more than just the barbecue and the pinacolada, bringing homemade ice cream to the beach would make a good idea. Just as long as you have the cooler ready, you can have yummy ice cream all day long while listening to the splash of the waves and the beat of reggae music.

   Here is a homemade ice cream recipe to take to the beach. Here are some tried-and-tested tips to keep in mind when making your ice cream.

   1.     Most ice cream recipes take around 24 hours to freeze. So ensure that you start preparing yours at least a day or two before your beach getaway. Proper ice cream storage involves wrapping it very tightly in a plastic bag. Pour your batter into an old yogurt or ice cream container and hill in the fridge over night.

   2.     Do not overfill your container. Fill up to three quarters of your container. This will help you achieve best results. Filling your container up to the top won’t allow proper aeration.

   3.     When it comes to tempering egg yolks for custard-based recipes, avoid pouring more than 3 or 4 tablespoons of hot cream into the yolk. This can create ice cream scrambles. Always whisk the egg very slowly.

   4.     If you want to add alcohol into your recipe, do this moderately. Adding more than Ό cup of alcohol may cause difficulties in freezing.

   5.     After the batter has cooled, add your extracts. There are a wide range of readily-available extracts sold in the market – vanilla, almond, maple – take your pick. Add the extract before you start churning.

   6.     If you have extra toppings like nuts, candies, or chocolate, mix them right before churning. This will allow even distribution of the mixture.

   7.     To promote consistency, use shallow and flat containers. These containers are ideal for freezing. Ice cream makers in the United States come with tall containers but in Europe, gelatos are sold in low and rectangular containers.

   8.     To avoid crystal formation, use plastic wrap or wax paper to cover the surface. Do this before closing the container.

   9.     Generally, most homemade ice creams last for a week. The flavor and the creamy texture begin to wear off after seven days.

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