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Generally, human body needs healthy and well-balanced diet for being energetic and only this sort of diet will improve the concentration power as well. When it comes to production of energy, Vitamins under the category of B plays an important role and they also ensure proper functioning of human brain. Particularly, Vitamin B-12 is highly important and it can be obtained from the foods we take. Let us understand how vitamin B-12 is helpful in improving energy and concentration levels.

Energy: As mentioned earlier, when talking about vitamins for energy and concentration, B-12 plays a crucial role since it has the capacity to convert the food consumed by people into energy. Professional health care providers say that when there is deficiency of this vitamin on an individual, he/she will be facing conditions like weight loss, loss of appetite and other problems like weakness, fatigue and constipation will also be experienced.

The deficiency of this content in the blood will also result in anemia, wherein the body of the patient will not be in a position to produce enough red blood cells for carrying nutrients and oxygen to different parts of the body. When these are not carried to other parts of the body, the person will automatically feel weak due to reduction of energy levels. So, patients facing this condition will be advised to consume animal-based protein foods like fish, egg, meat, etc… and vegetarians would be recommended to consume more milk-based foods. This vitamin is also rich in fortified breads and cereals.

Concentration: Like energy levels, B-12 also promotes concentration power and when there is lesser level of b-12 in a person, he might face the problem of dementia, which is characterized by confusion and memory loss. Since proper functioning of brain is ensured by this vitamin, it is highly essential to maintain its level by taking healthy foods.

B category vitamins are found in green leafy vegetables, seafood, nuts, beans, dairy products and a person can improve the level of these vitamins by regularly including these foods in the daily diet. Sometimes, if the health care provider finds that his/her patient is facing deficiency of vitamin B-12 through a blood test, based on the deficiency level, the patient will be prescribed to take up B-12 injections or they might also be offered with tonics that can enhance the level of this vitamin, thereby increasing the iron content and energy level in the body. So, when it comes to vitamins for energy and concentration, B-12 is highly important.

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