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Thinking about updating your hair style? It can be a difficult decision to make, especially if you have been riding your current do for a few years. We all have huge debates with ourselves about what hair style to go with when we finally decide to make a change; should I go shorter, longer, new color, highlights, who should do the cut, aaahhhhh! It can feel overwhelming at times because so much of the way we feel about how we look is bound up in our hair style – and it makes sense after all your hair frames your face and gives endless hints to others about who you are.

I hope to help take some of the hype and stress out of picking a new hair style with some simple tips and psychological tricks for picking your new do. Then I want to show you three hairstyles that can help you look great and don’t take too much work to make happen.

Changing Your Hair Style

Making the big decision takes guts, you have to commit to what you fear may be a terrible mistake and that you will come out the other end – Ugly!

Ok ok – Deep Breath… The first thing to remember is that no matter what hairstyle you choose you will look different, not better or worse, and making changes is fun. This is an area to challenge yourself in and potentially a personal growth experience for you.

When to Change Hairstyles

My 3 rules for changing hairstyle
- It has been more than 3 years since you really changed the style of your hair
- You feel like your life is stagnant whether it is your career, family, relationship, or money. Making one change often leads to others – start with your hair and see what happens.
- Your fashion and your hairstyle don’t seem to match

If any one of these criteria match then it’s time to change that hair!

Now you are ready to decide on a new hair style, I admit it’s tricky and you can never be sure. My best advice for this phase of change is take no more than 1 week to decide, preferably no more than 48 hours. Chances are if you are thinking about changing your hair you have been thinking about it for a while. Sit down with a friend, a hair style magazine, your stylist or all three and hash out some ideas; then you’ve got to just do it.

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