Health & Fitness Weight Loss A Star Wars Health Analogy: The effects of Fat on Your Organs

For a moment, let's liken body fat to the infamous Star Wars criminal, Jabba the Hut. Jabba the Hut was a grotesque, ugly, gigantic mass of jelly with a sadistic mind. He always had a harem of scantily dressed women, whom he killed and tortured without hesitation.

Now, let's liken your body's organs to the scantily-dressed women who are surrounded by excess body fat represented by the vile, ugly and fat monster. The excess fat is literally putting a bounty out on your body, shortening its life span and decreasing the quality of life.

They said it couldn't be done! I just used a Star Wars analogy in a health article! You're welcome America!

And if you've never seen Star Wars and don't know what I'm talking about, you've got issues. Seriously? I'm disappointed in you.

Too much visceral fat that builds up in the belly and abdominal area is a living, breathing evil body that keeps secreting toxins and substances that torture and plague your organs night and day. Here's how obesity can make life a living hell for your vital organs:

Effect of fat on the brain

Being overweight can cause dementia and make you vulnerable to cognitive problems. It also increases the chance of developing clogged arteries. Now, when arteries get clogged, the blood supply to the brain gets reduced, and this in turn leads to brain cell death and eventual brain shrinkage.

Another brand new study conducted by the Endocrine Society in Boston concludes that excess fat injures neurons in the part of the brain that controls body weight. This makes the affected person eat some more without caring about his weight.

Body fat and the intestines

Excess fat can lead to colon and esophagus cancer. According to medical researchers, the visceral fat in the abdominal area releases hormones that impact cell growth, which in turn cause these cancers.

How it kills the liver

It is medically proven that too much fat causes non-alcohol fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The fat infiltrates into the liver cells (hepatocytes) and interferes with their functions. This situation must be brought under control in quick time because if it is neglected, the fat in the liver can destroy the liver cells thereby impacting liver function. What starts off as an ordinary "fatty liver" condition snowballs into cirrhosis of the liver, which means advanced scarring of the liver. This is the final and the most severe stage of NAFLD.

How fat messes up the kidneys

There are several ways that obesity can wreak havoc on the kidneys. Firstly, excess body weight causes high blood pressure and diabetes, and any of these conditions can cause CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), which makes the kidneys lose their normal function over a period of time.

Scientists also say that the hormone leptin, which is mainly produced in the adipose tissue (belly fat) can cause kidney deterioration over time, if it is produced in excess. So, naturally, when you have a lot of fat, a lot of leptin will be produced as well.

These are the organs that are directly and adversely impacted by body fat. You need body fat to survive, but definitely not in excess. Aside from the conditions mentioned above, it also impacts, directly or indirectly, every other organ in the body, including the heart. So, if you have excess body fat, shed it now and make your inner Jabba the Hut turn into a lean and mean Han Solo.

Article By: N. Curtis

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