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This is a very common procedure done for increasing the size of small sized breasts. A small breast usually gives a feeling of incompleteness and low self esteem. Breast enhancement by way of implants is a common method. Silicone implants are of two types :

1. Gel filled which gives a soft to firm consistency and

2. Saline filled.

   Reasonably fast procedure usually a daycare procedured results.

   Leaves a scar either on the inferior breast fold or in the nipple-breast junction. May affect lactation if the incision is made at the nipple junction. Capsule formation and breast distortion could be a possibility. Silicone, gel or saline leakages could be a problem. Recent studies show a risk of cancer.

Best and alternate solution:
   Fat transfer with the body jet technique is a novel method for enhancing the size of the breast without the above mentioned risks. The patient also has a benefit of getting rid of unwanted body fat from certain areas at the same time. Fat cells are harvested along with stem cells, filtered and transferred gives an excellent and contour and long term result. Moreover there are no scars, breast feeding is not affected and above all - no risk of cancer

Article By: Dr.Srinagesh

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