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   Cosmetic surgery is more safer and effective now. There is a vast growth in this particular field in the recent years.The improvement of the human figure is now limitless with the advace in the medical surgery, whether it is in the face, body or limbs. Now you can have the perfect figure without have pouches,wrinkles and bags,if you think any part of your body is not in shape i.e. if you feel somethig is too big or too small,cosmetic surgery will probably fix it.

   People will feel better and relaxed with their new body or shape after cossmetic surgery is done . People who not satisfied with their naural looks can go for this surgery. It will correct many faults which is present in persons from their birth and also maybe due to illness that have make them away and prevented from society well being . One of the major problem is the bat ear for which youngsters have suffered alot.

   WE can certainly correct this problem by Otoplasty. It’s results are immediate and moreover people are happy with that. IT only takes about two hours, head-bandage is worn for 24 hours, it will follow  a single ski-type band around the head for a few weeks and we get properly fit until the small wound (incisions) heal properly

   To cure the saggyness of our eyelids which have arised due to ageing and genetic problem,this can  be completely cured by Blephoroplasty .This condition may arise due to thyroid or allergy problems, also in such cases medication for these problems may be a preferred alternative.

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