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   Healthy, shiny hair is every persons dream. As we age, we start loosing hair due to various reasons such as stress and chemical exposure from shampoos. There can be other hair problems like split ends, dry brittle hair, hair breakage, dandruff, and oily, sticky hair. Getting that robust hair on the scalp may not really be as tough as it looks. Just a few healthy tips and you could be on your way to flaunting your beautiful tresses to your family and friends.

The following is the short cut to healthy hair
External changes
1.     Brush you hair before washing- this can help not just remove dirt and grime but also improve blood circulation, thus encouraging the scalp to release toxins that can be washed out while shampooing.
2.     Massage you scalp- Gentle massage soothes the scalp and promotes circulation. Massaging your scalp with substances such as oil, aloe vera and lime helps to fight dandruff, protects the hair against dryness and strengthens the roots of the hair.
3.     Shampoo- There is no hard and fast rule as to how often one should shampoo. Itís the best to shampoo when you feel that your scalp needs a cleaning. Itís important to choose a mild shampoo for those who wash their hair often. Conditioning it is also equally important as it rejuvenates and protects the hair.
4.     Moisturize- Itís important to moisturize your hair after washing. This is done best by adding a live in conditioner post washing the hair.
5.     Towel dry- It important to only towel dry your hair. Blow drying can lead to brittle, thin and unhealthy hair, so avoid this if you want healthy hair. Just gently wrap it in a towel post washing and then let it dry naturally.
6.     Brush your hair gently- Brush your hair gently. Do not attack them in a hurry, forcing open the tangles. This can add to hair damage due to breakage. Gentle brushing adds shine to your hair and improves blood circulation in the scalp.
7.     No heat- Avoid hot iron, curlers and hot water shower as they can damage your hair. Try keeping the look of the hair natural without succumbing to these artificial means.
8.     Trim your hair regularly- Regularly trimming the ends of the hair ensures that there are no split ends. This also makes the hair look healthy.
9.     Less chemical- Avoid hair sprays and hair deodorants as they may cause irreparable damage to the hair.

Internal changes
1.     Deep down, healthy hair is because of healthy body. For this, itís important to have a healthy diet. Include green leafy vegetables, fresh juicy fruits and dairy products in your diet. They are all a rich source of vitamins and mineral and can combat hair loss due to iron and mineral deficiency and also add luster to the hair.
2.     Water- Drink more that eight glasses of water. It acts as a natural flush and helps to get rid of toxins from the body besides adding moisture to the hair. Drinking at least two glasses of lukewarm water immediately after getting up from sleep helps a great deal. It acts the best in excreting unwanted agents out of the body.
3.     Avoid hair eaters- Certain band and clips can eat into your hair. The clips may also be sharp and dig into your scalp. While pulling your band or clips out, they may break a few hairs. Use clips and bands that are not too tight and hair friendly.
4.     Avoid stress- A body that is stressed out tends to lose more hair. Avoid getting stressed over trivial things. This can ensure less hair fall.

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