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There are many methods of hair removal out there. Some provide longer lasting satisfaction, and some are far more painful than others. It's up to the consumer to decide which method is right for them. I'm here to explain some of the different methods and how they work.
Depilatory creams work rather well for a more short term solution to hair removal. Depilatory products work by chemically dissolving the hair at the skins surface. There are different products specially made for fine or coarse hair. While it is a chemical based solution, it can cause irritation, so testing a small inconspicuous area before beginning is recommended.

There are different strengths of depilatory products for different types of hair. The formula used for the face, for example, will be a much more mild solution than the formula for the legs, arms, etcetera.

To use a depilatory product, first test a small patch of skin by using the product as directed, then rinse. It is also wise to wait an additional twenty-four hours after application to assure that no irritation or reaction will occur later. If this proves effective, use the product on the desired area. Always follow the instructions given on the packaging. If the product is formulated for legs, do not use it on your face, as it might be a more harsh product. It is a good idea to take a warm bath before applying the depilatory product. This opens pores and causes the hair to soften a bit, making the depilatory work a bit more effectively. Keep an eye on the time. Since depilatory products are chemical based, leaving a product on too long can result in chemical burn. If you experience itching or burning before the time is up, it's a good idea to remove the cream immediately.

Waxing is another form of hair removal, and possibly the most effective method for short term results. It can be used to remove hair in either large or small areas. If done correctly, waxing can be done with little discomfort. The wax is warmed and melted to a caramel-like texture. It is then spread over the area to be waxed. While the wax is still warm, a muslin or cotton cloth is put over the wax and pressed down. The wax is allowed to cool, then the cloth is pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. It can cause a bit of pain and discomfort, but rest assured, it's only temporary. Hand pressure is then applied to the area for a few seconds to relieve discomfort. The area will be tender and irritated for a couple of hours after the waxing is completed.

Waxing kits can be purchased at any drug store. You can also make an appointment at a salon to have it professionally done. Having an esthetician perform the waxing can give you more desired result, and can be less painful.

A permanent method of hair removal is laser hair removal. It is significantly more costly than the methods previously mentioned, but it does provide long lasting effects, with little to no pain.

Not everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal. If your skin is darker than the hair you want removed, you are not a good candidate. This is simply because darker complected people absorb more laser energy into their skin. It is also more expensive than short term removal methods, and it takes several sessions. There is no guarantee that laser hair removal will work for everyone, or how many sessions it will take to get the desired effect.

Above are just a few methods of long and short-term hair removal. Everyone is different, and some prefer one of the other. They are all fairly effective to different degrees. Which one is right for you?

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