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   Excess weight is very bad for health. Our weight should be proportionate to our height, built and age. Extra weight means physical ailments, depression, joint aches, laziness and many more conditions that are not pleasant. We can be in control of ourselves if we are in the right weight range. With extra weight on us most of us lack confidence, feel low and depression sets in so being fit is not only healthy but we are in total charge of my mind and body.

   You know you need to lose weight when you answer ‘yes’ to any of these following questions.

-     Do you have the body you desire to have?
-     Are you energetic every single day all day?
-     Are you strong, confident and proud of the way you look?
-     Do you have no physical limitation for anything you want to do?
-     Do you want to be thinner?
-     Do you want to be more muscular?

   The most important factor about weight loss and weight maintenance is the mindset. It needs to be done thoroughly and with proper planning and dedication. If you put yourself through starvation and torture, you will give up your weight loss program as soon as you start. If you think of weight loss as a burden or a chore, you will be tired soon and discontinue your exercise regime. Cooperation with your body and mind is the best thing you can do. Your mind and body have to love what you are doing in order to continue and achieve results.

   You body works similarly. Your body has to be ready to take the grind of regular weight loss and exercise. You can gain control over your body when your mind is strong and confident hence you have to device a doable plan so that the body does not fatigue and resent doing its job everyday. The body has to be in perfect harmony with the mind to achieve the best results for you. Control over your mind and body will come from results that make you happy. If you are happy, your mind and body will do as you want, the control comes automatically.

   One should aim to keep motivation levels positive. Think about what you want to achieve and go ahead with the plans accordingly. A strong mind will tell you what is right or what is wrong like good foods, bad foods, wrong foods, excess food etc. If the mind is strong the body will comply and you will reach your goal sooner. Our will is a combination of a strong body and mind. Exercising is just like smoking. You need to make up your mind whether you want to exercise and whether you want to quit smoking. A strong will power will make you take the right decision. The eventual goal is to feel happy which you will when you see your desired results. Gaining control over your body and mind is nothing but will power and the enthusiasm to carry it out.

Article By: John Connor

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