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   Stopping drinking is something which is more frequently contemplated these days than ever before, perhaps as a result of the realization that as a nation we consume far more units of alcohol than are good for us.I write this (a little tongue in cheek!) whilst sipping a nice cool glass of Chablis whilst flying back across the pond, and a large expanse of land, to San Francisco.


   We spend a considerable amount of time travelling backwards and forwards, which necessitates many hours in airport lounges and sitting in airplanes.I find myself noticing how many more people these days refuse the proffered alcohol and instead choose the teetotal route.We all know the negative effect which too much alcohol can have upon ones health, abilities and equilibrium.Equally, the benefit of passing on the wine, beer or spirits is emblazoned quite vividly in our minds.


   One has to have sufficient personal, individual and unique motivation to even consider stopping drinking let alone carry through with that intent.It has to be your own personal desire.People do what they want to do, be it to choose to drink or to stop drinking, enter a relationship or walk away from someone who they had been involved with.


   Those who find that their relationship with alcohol becomes more important than their other relationships ultimately have a greater motivation to quit drinking altogether.If you only drink a couple of glasses of wine every day or so you probably have little motivation to stop drinking; in fact, you could probably argue that there are greater benefits to drinking alcohol in that moderate quantity than in giving up completely.


   But there are also those who fear stopping drinking.I have seen clients over the years who have asked to be hypnotized so as to feel as if they have been drinking when they are out socially (when in fact not a drop of alcohol has passed their lips) because they don't want to seem "boring".I find that quite sad really.I mean, let’s face it, we have probably most of us been in a situation where everyone around us is the worse for wear because of drinking too much.Did they make sense?Were they interesting?Usually not!And yet here the non-drinker is, feeling afraid that he or she will be perceived as boring!


   There can be many a fear when one contemplates stopping drinking; you might feel uncomfortable or lacking in confidence.You may well feel that you no longer fit in.And this may be why you see a lot of teetotalers starting afresh, leading a new life with new friends and companions in a different environment.


    It is certainly undeniable that to stop drinking entails a change of lifestyle, and when looked at in reverse you can see how much easier it is to stop drinking by changing your lifestyle in a major way.This is especially so for a recovered alcoholic; your mantra becomes "out with the old, in with the new".It is your health and your life which is on the line and, if you have made your own firm decision to quit drinking, this is what you indeed do.An alcoholic is not known for moderation!


   This can be a difficult pill to swallow for some old friends, colleagues or acquaintances who may feel that they have been abandoned or not been shown consideration in the process.But everyone is on their own path through life and they have to do what is best for them.Again, I reiterate, people basically do what they WANT to do.And it has to be said, if you were a real friend, or cared for that person in a genuine way, you would give them your blessing and wish them luck, health and happiness in their new life.It may well be a difficult task, but it is one which you would willingly do.


   It can also be difficult for a friend from the past to appreciate that this person who they thought they knew could change so much; they, after all, do not often get to see the entire transformation.When they knew this drinker, alcohol was likely a constant mistress, and many things may also have been hidden from them.They cannot bring themselves to visualize this person as a sober, healthy and happy individual who is totally in control of his or her life.


   Speaking for myself, I do not find non-drinkers, teetotallers, recovered alcoholics (or whatever label you wish to use) in any way boring.In fact, they are a breath of fresh air; they are articulate, interesting, almost pedantically truthful (that's part of the process of overcoming their alcohol related weakness), and extremely strong people (they have won their battle and they know it).and as an added bonus they are always capable of driving home safely!


   Reverting to the question of whether it is possible to stop drinking and still enjoy yourself, the answer is an unmistakable "yes".Life is immeasurably better, healthier, happier and a whole lot more fun once a person finds their own strength to kick their old excessive drinking ways.Bye, bye old mistress, onwards to a new life.


Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for health and well being.


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