Health & Fitness Smoking Is It Too Late To Quit?

The fact is, research has shown that no matter how long you have smoked or how old you are, quitting smoking still gives you many health benefits almost immediately, in addition to the many, many overall improvements in all areas of your life.

Smoking is a major risk factor for 7 major causes of death for persons aged 65 years and above and has been a contributing factor in the development of heart disease, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and eye disease. In fact, smoking is known to cause general loss of functioning, mobility and independence in older individuals. When used with medications, smoking can cause complications from altered drug metabolism.

The good thing is that even after many years of smoking, quitting will improve health significantly. Risk factors for smoking-related diseases and loss of functioning decline dramatically.

Upon quitting smoking, clogging in the arteries improve tremendously at a rapid rate and existing heart diseases slows down immediately. Risk of stroke is completely or partially reversed within a few years of quitting smoking.

Quitting smoking also significantly improves lung function. Even in lung cancer patients, it reduces the development of lung tumors and prevents any further decline in lung function.

Needless to say, even though quitting smoking is tough to do on one's own, it is always still worth every bit of effort. A smoker may go through several attempts of trying before being able to completely overcome the tobacco habit.

Fortunately, smokers can make things much easier for themselves. Studies report a much higher quit rate for smokers who receive help in quitting smoking.

It is never too late to quit smoking. However, it may be too late to keep smoking. Remember that a long list of benefits ranging from health improvements to social acceptance await you.

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