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    Lose weight and the majority of us will feel sexier.And to feel sexy is important as it makes us feel more vital as well as more attractive and beautiful.We as a race admire beauty, whether we are using this term to describe scenery, art or aspects of individual body shape, size or bone structure.We also like to be approved of and being admired or liked inevitably signals such approval to us.


   Our need to be admired and desired is also no doubt hard wired in our genes as an evolutionary trait which assists in the process of natural selection.The more we are desired the more likely it is that we will produce offspring.And the simple process of glancing quickly across the covers of magazines in a stand shows us that the majority of people see thin as more beautiful and more desirable than fat.


   To feel sexier is probably our ultimate goal, or motivating force, in wanting to lose weight or setting out on a diet.We know that we should lose weight for matters of our health and well being.But listen to what I just said; read again the particular words I used.I said that we know we SHOULD slim down and lose weight.There is little emotion attached to that term; We know that we should go on that diet and cut out those sweets, chocolates, and so on; but we don't WANT to diet, we don't want to cut down on the types of food which we eat.


   What we do want is to feel sexy, to be desired, to be admired, to be approved of.This is something which everyone wants whether they recognize this at a conscious level or not.This truth may well be hidden in our subconscious mind and may even be feared or laughed at upon the surface.But it is an inescapable truth that we like, either secretly or overtly, to feel sexy.This is why anyone who wants to lose weight should focus upon the instinctive desire to feel sexy as a means of increasing one's motivation to lose weight more easily.


   I read something the other day which stated that approximately two thirds of people will openly say that they need to lose weight to enable them to feel sexier than they currently do.This desire to feel sexier should be emphasized in these would-be-dieter's minds so as to motivate them to easy weight loss.Simply by focusing more on seeing yourself slimmer and sexier is basically all that you need to do to feel more motivated to shed those pounds.


   Motivation is a state of desire.You increase your desire to lose weight by creating a close tie in your mind between the powerful emotion of feeling sexy and the act of losing weight and being slim.By using your imagination to visualize yourself slim and sexy, over and over again, embeds this connection in your mind.


   A thought without emotion doesn't have any effect.Feel your own emotional response, if any, when you say to yourself "I know I need to lose weight".You probably felt very little other than sadness and frustration that you are not slim.You certainly will not have felt a very high degree of motivation to lose weight.


   Now, just try a slightly different task.Imagine how sexy you would feel if you were able to lose weight and wear all of those clothes you always dreamed of.Visualize yourself slim and sexy, smiling and happy, noticing too the reactions your see in the people around you.Imagine being the sexiest person in the world.How did your emotions respond to that brief exposure to your own natural ability to visualize?This simple exercise allows your mind to shift gear and motivate you to get on that diet and lose weight more easily.


   Nobody can escape the fact that your own mental approach to weight loss will dictate your success or failure.It doesn't matter what weight loss method you use, or what diet or weight loss plan you choose to follow, you will only lose weight successfully if you have your mind and emotions focused in the correct manner.


   An easy way to help yourself to get your mind into gear and lose weight easily is to use hypnosis.Simply by listening to a weight loss hypnosis mp3 you will focus your mind upon success; not only that, hypnosis will also enable you to tap into the sometimes hidden powers of your subconscious mind and also access a greater ability to visualize the things which you yearn for in your life - to lose weight and feel sexier.


   Roseanna Leaton, specialist in weight loss hypnosis mp3s which help you program your mind for success.



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Monday, September 3, 2012

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