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   To lose weight successfully you have to have commitment. Edward Ugel is the author of a book entitled "I'm With Fatty: Losing Fifty Pounds In Fifty Miserable Weeks" which tells his story about losing weight after his wife recorded him snoring.This was clearly his trigger or tipping point which made him commit to a weight loss regime.


   Many overweight people dream about losing weight, but fewer commit to actually taking the necessary steps to actually do it.We do all need the right trigger to set out on our own individual committed path to weight loss.


   For some people it is an event such as a wedding or holiday which provides them with sufficient motivation to commit to losing weight.For others it is the final realization that they have absolutely no clothes which fit properly anymore; they are simply too fat to get into them comfortably. Another trigger to weight loss is often cited as being the sight of oneself looking fat and flabby in holiday photographs or perhaps no longer being able to look at their own reflection in the bathroom mirror.


   An interesting point to note is that when you talk to people who have lost weight successfully they will almost always have a very clear memory of the exact thing which triggered them to commit to losing weight once and for all.They will also say that they had tried to lose weight "forever" before that momentous tipping point but that they just hadn't been able to shift those pounds.They just couldn't get diets to work for them or they just didn't enjoy exercising or they just couldn't change their lifestyle to accommodate a weight loss plan.


   But as soon as they reached their own tipping point it was as if an on/off switch had been flipped and they just knew that they were going to do it, that they would indeed now lose weight once and for all. The trigger to lose weight successfully actually only takes a second or two although there are usually lots of weight oriented thoughts circling around in your mind prior to that life changing tipping point.


   The decision, motivation, tipping point or commitment to lose weight (whatever you wish to call it) is the vital trigger which turns your weight loss dreams into reality.Once you have made that real solid commitment to yourself to lose weight both your conscious and your subconscious minds have a clear goal to work towards.


    The way in which your subconscious mind works is that once it has a goal it will move heaven and earth in its instinctive and automatic quest to achieve it.Once a clear goal is set your subconscious mind will act like a pack of hounds on the scent of a fox.


   If you want to lose weight, you can wait for your tipping point to happen as and when it will do so, or you could choose to speed the process up with a little help from hypnosis.Hypnosis replicates the dream like state between wake and sleep, when you have access to your subconscious mind.With hypnosis you can deliberately provide your subconscious mind with your ideal weight loss goal, vividly seeing yourself as you want to be - slim, healthy and happy.


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