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   Losing weight through loving what you do makes successful weight loss a whole lot easier. The only way in which to be happy in anything at all is to love what you are doing.Most people set about weight loss with feelings of dread, and so it is no wonder they find it difficult or impossible to actually achieve their goals and shed those excess pounds.


   Your mental attitude at the outset of any situation will dictate the outcome you eventually experience.Feeling love for your task allows you to not only be successful but also makes the World around you a better place to be.


   Getting away from the subject of dieting and weight loss for a moment, think about the way in which you deal with people; if someone is being plain nasty, your natural instinct is to lash back but this only serves to prolong the nasty negative feelings.In effect you allow yourself to be lowered into their negative abyss.If instead you allow yourself to mentally repel the nastiness, allowing it to flow past you like water off a ducks back, you rise above it with your natural positivity and love for life kept intact. You will thus rise above that dark and negative abyss and your world remains a great place in which to be.


   I purposely used a reasonably dramatic example there of the different ways in which you can choose to think and the associated feelings which result.Your attitude of love or hate towards food, dieting and losing weight also produces dramatically disparate results.This is evidenced in many different ways.


   You will see many people who love food, and I mean LOVE food.They drool at the thought of yummy, scrummy, delicious food and they delicately place a tiny morsel upon their tongue and feel their taste buds going into an ecstatic symphonic reaction. They savor the food in their mouth and finally swallow it and notice all of the different taste and sensation transitions which take place during this process.


   And then you see other people, generally the ones who are dreaming about losing weight, who feel guilty about food, which makes them approach it with a love/hate relationship.They want to savor it but that would make them feel bad, and so they gobble it quickly and hardly taste it at all.They never get a chance to enjoy it and this leads to a further issue, one which explains why they don't lose weight successfully.They say they love food, but they do not allow themselves to actually do so.


   That further issue is that they never feel satisfied.They do not allow themselves to enjoy the food which they eat and therefore they do not feel satisfied.And so they inevitably tend to eat more which does the opposite of their desired intent; that of losing weight.


   Love may not actually make the word go around but it does make the world a better place to be and it will also make it easier to be successful in your quest of losing weight.Allowing yourself to love food allows you to savor and enjoy food and therefore to feel satisfied more quickly.This really will assist you in losing weight more easily.


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