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   Looking good is not just a matter of wearing good clothes and speaking well. To look good, you need to feel-good about yourself. Poorly maintained hygiene is a big turn off for anybody. Not only your hygiene affects your confidence level, it also shapes the perception of people about you. Bidets have taken our hygiene standards higher than we ever could ever imagine.

   There is huge difference in the level of cleanliness provided by a toilet paper and that provided by a bidet. We come across many cases of food poisoning due to faecal bacteria contamination. These are all a result of insufficient cleaning and this gives micro-organisms a chance to get inside our body and cause several types of infections. A huge number of men and women overlook the importance of washing their hands after they use the washroom. With its complete hands free operation, bidets makes sure that you are germ-free even after your washroom trip.

   Many patients who suffer from hemorrhoids and urinary tract infection develop rashes around their genitalia which are further aggravated by the use of toilet paper. Various scents and colours used in the toilet paper is the main culprit. Bidets not only prevent various infections but it also helps in easing cramps, constipation, and rashes.

   Research shows that 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper are consumed by Americans alone each year. It gives rise to one of the biggest environmental hazards as all the paper we use comes from cutting millions of trees which negatively impact our environment. On the other hand, water not only provides perfect hygiene but it is also a natural and environmental friendly cleanser.

    As we live in a hi-tech world, its time to take your personal hygiene also to a higher level. So, it is very crucial that we all say good-bye to toilet paper and have bidets in our homes to ensure easy and effective cleaning.

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