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It is readily accepted in sport that 90% of success is in your mind.This equation is reflected in almost anything in life, and weight loss is no exception. 

So many people decide over the weekend to start their diet on Monday and when Monday comes they are "good" for the first few hours…until their resolve wanes and that slice of toast or piece of cake gets bigger and bigger in your mind and you just have to have it.If you are familiar with this scenario then you know that something here is not quite right, something isn't working for you with this approach.The question therefore is what different approach is there? 

From the perspective of a psychologist this approach goes about weight loss in completely the wrong way.In trying to be "good" and trying to NOT have this or that you immediately trigger of an unintentional desire to have exactly what you are planning not to have.You need to be aware of the way in which your mind works to enable you to get your mind working for you instead of against you.

Let me elaborate a little here.If I say to you now try as hard as you can NOT to think about an orange VW beetle car, what flashed into your mind?I'll bet you saw an orange car.So if I say don't think about carrot cake, what do you see?Or don't think about a glass of wine, what did you see?Do you see what I mean?Whenever you try to not do something, this effort creates a reverse effect and you get a great big picture of exactly that thing.And the harder you try the bigger, more powerful and more tantalizing that picture becomes.

This is why that diet on Mondays lasts an ever shorter time.Your internal pictures get bigger and more powerful.This at the same time knocks your confidence in your ability to succeed.The first time you dieted, you probably did quite well, and then experienced an ever lessening success as your confidence and commitment gets less and less.

To lose weight successfully you have to have confidence that you will succeed and also the ability to see what you want to see.These are two vital mental ingredients for success.A further ingredient is the ability to identify what is pure habit and to alter that habit.Habits are those sequences of behavior which happen automatically, without conscious thought.They are as automatic as brushing your teeth or tying your shoe laces.A habit is something which you do not consciously think about but is driven by subconscious thought processes.Thus you MUST access your subconscious mind in order to change habitual behavior in relation to food.

Once again this is a mental ingredient, although this time not consciously so.With hypnosis you can access the inner workings of your mind.Just as the use of hypnosis is readily accepted as essential these days in sport, it is also essential in successful weight loss.Hypnosis allows access to the inner workings of your mind, allowing you to stop the cycle of negative effect caused by old habits and instead trigger off a whole host of positive new behaviors which will before long become just as habitual to you.

You can get hypnosis weight loss downloads instantly in your own home and begin to retrain your mind to lose weight and achieve your perfect weight.Just as a sports person learns to think like a winner, you will learn to think like a slim person.Mental rehearsal is more important in sport than physical practice.This is fact.This has been proven.Mental rehearsal is also more important in your successful weight loss.Unless you learn to see yourself thin you will keep seeing instead that carrot cake, or those burgers, and those pictures will remain tantalizing to you.As you listen to hypnosis weight loss downloads you will eradicate these pictures, they will lose their attraction and their ability to tantalize will disappear altogether.

Instead, you will retrain your mind, to see powerful images of success.Just as a golfer has to learn to visualize winning the Open, or a Tennis player visualizes winning Wimbledon, you will quickly learn to visualize a super, healthy and happy you.In this way you will be 90% of the way to successful and long term weight loss.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in mp3 downloads for hypnosis weight loss.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

the article above is 100% true! it all starts with the mind! but that is where it STARTS. then the correct mind pattern needs to be supported by correct actions! recently i came across this incredible weight loss solution, it delivers what it says on the cover (and it seems like not many people know about it yet - so many people are still struggling, they dont have to!!)

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