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   Over eating is usually a result of several factors including boredom, depression, sickness or stress. Over eating is a recipe for disaster. It can not only result in rapid weight loss, but also serious illness particularly if the over eating involves unhealthy food.

   Another common reason that people overeat is due to emotional problems and because they are hungry. Eating food can temporarily ease the feelings of distress.

   Many people turn to comfort eating to ease the pain of a broken relationship or loneliness. In these situations of overeating you need to face the problem head on. This can be done on your own however, it may require professional health to help you overcome the problem.

Five Treatment tips of Obesity :

1.Drinking green tea will help you with trailing your body fat. You can even drink ginger tea,
2.Having vegetable soup
3.Eat only papaya for three months as your dinner. This will also make you loose lot of body fat.
4.Taking ginger paste varied with honey
5.Eat tomatoes first fixation in the morning

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