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In less than half an hour, your heartbeat immediately drops ? and by the way that?s a good thing because when you smoke, your heart rate is higher than normal. In half a day, the carbon monoxide level in your body goes back to normal as well. In two to twelve weeks, you?ll enjoy even more health-related benefits such as improved circulation and increased lung function. In nine months at most, you?ll be in possession of cleaner and better lungs and the tendency to cough will greatly decrease. Lastly, you?ll also feel that you?re not as short of breath as you used to be.

One year after your decision to quit smoking, your excess risk of having a heart coronary disease is already 50% less of a smoker?s.

In as early as five years after your decision to quit smoking, the chances that you?ll have a stroke is already equal to that of a non-smoker!

In as early as a decade, the probability that you?ll die of lung cancer ? which is the fate of most people who don?t want to quit smoking ? is half of a continuing smoker already! And in fifteen years? time, the likelihood that you?ll experience heart coronary disease ? one of the most serious risks that all chain smokers face ? is that of a non-smoker?s!

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