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Have you ever wondered what the truth was behind the French paradox: the French seem to benefit from decreased levels of heart disease and other obesity-related diseases while enjoying pastries, wine, butter and croissants! In fact, only 7% of the French population is obese compared to approximately 30% of Americans.

The French paradox revealed!
In an attempt to figure out this phenomenon, a group of scientists from France’s CNRS scientific research institute and the University of Pennsylvania decided to investigate the winning weight loss ways of the French. Researchers weighed portions at 11 similar restaurants in Paris and Philadelphia and found the following:

The average portion size in Paris was 25% smaller than in Philadelphia.
Chinese restaurants in Philadelphia served dishes that were 72% larger than in Parisian Chinese food restaurants.

A comparison between local supermarkets found that:

A candy bar in Philadelphia was 41% larger than the same candy bar in Paris;
A soft drink was 53% larger; and A hot dog was 63% larger.
Although the French diet appears to be higher in saturated fats, they consume fewer calories, resulting in decreased numbers of overweight and obese individuals.

In today’s all-you-can-eat society, it is often difficult to monitor the amount of food you are consuming. However, with obesity-related diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke and cancer on the rise, it is prudent to start paying attention to serving size. Visit the Truestar Nutrition section for more information on dining out and losing weight.

Why not live like the French by implementing some French weight loss tips such as:

Eat until you are sufficiently sufficed, not stuffed.
Take time to enjoy your food. Make you meal last a minimum of 20 minutes—it takes this long for the brain to register a “full signal” to the stomach.

Chew your food carefully. Doing so will slow down the meal (therefore, you will feel fuller and eat less) and optimizes your overall digestive health.
Watch portion size. Instead of the extra-large or large sizes, opt for small or medium.

Do not mindlessly munch in front of the computer screen or television. Doing so usually causes you to eat more food without even being aware.

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Article By: Dr. Joey Shulman, D.C., RNCP

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