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   It was and will always be very difficult to get rid of smoking permanently. People who smoke regularly have always found it really challenging to get rid of this habit to improve their lifestyle. This addiction, as we all know is largely due to the presence of chemical substance, nicotine. While some easy ways have been developed in the past few years to lessen the burden of smokers to quit smoking, other traditional methods would require people to support these smokers both medically and emotionally.

   Way 1: One of the best known methods to quit smoking completely is to follow a therapy known as NRT. Many people who followed this therapy have found it really effective for their purposes. In fact, a recently conducted survey concluded that this therapy has made it possible for at least 50% of people to get rid of smoking. What’s so impressive about this therapy is that the number of relapses too is far lower compared to other forms of therapies.

   The above therapy works by providing little dosages of nicotine to people who have quit smoking in different forms like lozenges, gums, inhalers and patches. Once the craving to smoke recedes amongst people the dosage of nicotine too is reduced proportionately.

   Way 2: Trying out different pharmaceutical products like Verenicline and Zyban too can bring in rewards. Products like these are effective in creating a sense of well being in smokers who are making an effort to quit smoking in a big way. Like in the case of NRT, the dosage of these products can be lowered and thus helping in lowering the withdrawal symptoms considerably.

   The above products need to be taken only under the supervision of doctors. People who have had problems related to hypertension, heart should refrain from taking these products.

   Way 3: Counseling is another effective way of combating smoking. The best part with this procedure is that it can be customized to meet your preferences. The procedures involved here will help you deal with emotional swings and behavioral changes in a better way. Counseling sessions can either be done on individuals or a group of people to bring out effectiveness from each of those sessions.

   Way 4: Hypnosis treatment is another way how you can combat smoking altogether. If the mind is made to believe that smoking is really injurious to health then it becomes easier for the person to undergo withdrawal symptoms a lot easier.

   Way 5: Changing one’s lifestyle can also help you prevent smoking in a big way. May be, you can try out eating more fresh fruits and leafy vegetables to start with. Also, you can seriously consider replacing normal beverages and alcohol with a glass of water. If you are making serious attempts to quit smoking then you will automatically feel healthier with every passing day. You can also try to pursue your hobbies and may be, join a fitness program. This will surely make you look positively towards life. No one can ever succeed at the very first attempt. But this shouldn’t stop you from trying at least.

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