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   The very thought of waiting for hours in ER keeps patients away from hospitals for minor medical conditions such as fever, cold, flu or minor injuries like sprains or hairline fractures. Although, these aliments are not exactly life threatening yet if proper and timely treatment is not given tend to linger on for many days. In such a situation, patients end up paying an exorbitant fee for emergency room services rather than waiting for a week to see a doctor. This week long wait also exposes one to many infections as environs of ER are full of infectious virus and bacteria. These micro-organisms grow immune to antiseptics and antibiotics with time that’s one reason for the increasing incidents of hospital infections.

   To add to the distress, you may be billed with large co-insurance fees or other charges at Hospitals and Emergency rooms which you did not even know exist. All this is now taken care of by a quicker and affordable option of visiting a Walk In Clinic. Also known as Retail Health Clinics, this medical facility is proving to be a great alternative to the ER of your local hospital in case of non life threatening medical conditions.

  Whenever you are down with minor ailment such as a cold, the flu, an ear infection, eye infection or sore throat you can now walk in to nearest Walk In Clinics for quick treatment and recovery.

   You can visit a Walk In Clinic if you are suffering from following condition:
1. Common cold, flu, sore throat or cough
2. ear infections or earache
3. Minor burns or bruises
4. Eye infection, or redness
5. Dislocation, hairline fractures and sprains

   In fact, if your injury or ailment is not life threatening but very painful or causing discomfort, you should consider going to Walk In Clinic rather than emergency room of a hospital.

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