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When you search the internet, everyone says, “our product is the best”, or “we have the lowest prices”. Everyone promises ‘great service’ and a ‘wide selection’, however few deliver.


In this day and age of hype and false-promises, people have become cynical. Many believe, “you can’t trust anyone anymore.” This is especially true in the health ‘industry’. Many companies that sell health products simply care more about their profits than your health. What happened to ethics, integrity and truth in advertising?


The shelves at supermarkets, drugstores and health food stores carry so many brands of nutritional supplements it can make your head swim. Forget about asking the clerk for guidance, as the chances are they know as little about nutrition as you. Current research shows that the average secretary knows more about nutrition than most medical doctors.


O.K., before you get lost in despair and eat a doughnut, I want to tell you about a new website. It’s called


After visiting many ‘natural’ health websites, I feel I have developed a basic understanding about some of the keys to staying healthy: we need to exercise, we all need good nutrition, clean air and water, most of us need to lose weight and reduce the stress levels in our lives, and we need to become more conscious about chemicals and toxins in our homes and bodies. The problem is, with our busy lives who has time to go to the gym and who can afford a personal nutritionist, and most of us don’t want the pain of radically changing our lives for the sake of becoming ‘healthy’. Still, the most important question remains- who can you trust with your health?


Being the skeptic that I am, I set out to find a doctor who does care about my health. Did you know the word ‘doctor’ actually means ‘teacher’? I wanted to find one source that I could trust to teach me the information and products I was looking for to help me take charge of my own health, when I came across


This website is owned and managed by Dr.’s Gregory and Maile Pouls. I called their office and requested to speak with them. After speaking with Dr. Greg, here is what I learned. He and his wife really do know a lot about nutrition and the nutrition and health world. They have published numerous articles and books about nutrition and preventive health, most notably “The Supplement Shopper” which is available on They have created nutritional supplement lines for national and international companies. They have been on TV and radio and have even been interviewed by Why hadn’t I ever heard of them? Most likely because they have been in private practice, consulting with people one-on-one for over sixteen years about how to use nutrition safely and wisely, how to lose weight and keep it off, how to lower stress levels, and how to protect your body and personal environments from dangerous chemicals and toxins. They specialize in teaching people how to naturally support, enhance, protect and maintain their health. Their consulting business has grown tremendously as their patient’s success stories spread to their friends and families. Now, these good people want to reach more people with the key information and concepts they have learned, so they launched


Speaking with Dr. Pouls was like a breath of fresh air. I could sense his passion about what he wants to teach people. He said things like, “underlying every health condition is nutritional deficiencies, stress, and the growing burden of chemical toxins that the body must cope with.” And “If people could only learn a few basic concepts about what actually causes poor health and make a few simple changes in their life, they wouldn’t have to be sick all the time and could actually reduce their risks for many serious health conditions.” Wow, I have actually found a doctor who wants to teach people how to stay healthy!


I asked Dr. Pouls about the products he sells on his website. He told me the nutritional line, called “Healthy Alternative’s Plus”, are what he terms his ‘common denominator’ formulas. What he means is, from the hundreds of brands and thousands of different products he and his wife have recommended over the years, these are the products that were most called for by a majority of people he consulted with to overcome common deficiencies and address specific conditions.


For many years, Dr. Pouls has researched what he calls ‘solution oriented’ products and tried them in clinical practice. In addition to nutritional supplements, his website features water filters and shower filters, air filters, rebounders (mini-trampolines), massagers, massage chairs, and infrared saunas. I believe he has actually found some key products, manufactured by reputable companies that can assist you in making positive changes in your health. Dr. Pouls told me he personally uses all the products he sells or endorses on his website and has recommended them to grateful clients. Dr. Pouls told me,“I want to help people take control of their health.” He insists that, “you shouldn’t give away control of your health to anyone who cares less about your health than you should.” He believes that prevention is the key, however, before you can be preventive you must become educated in the basics of natural health- and understand the ‘traps’ of quick-fix chemical medicines and emergency care. He encourages people to visit his website and read the free articles, then review and research the products he endorses. He told me that offers every product at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer and offers free shipping on most items. also offers free referenced information about artificial sweeteners, chemicals and cleaning products, health care, nutrients, mercury-based dental fillings, prescription drugs, stress, vaccines, and drinking water. I found over sixty articles posted that soon made me realize how little I actually knew about the behind-the-scenes fact about the health ‘industry’ and how to reclaim my own health.


Are you ready to get healthier? I suggest you visit this site. Thank you, Dr. Pouls, for a great website.


M. Chesterson

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