anatomy of the head and neck

this image shows longitudinal section in the head and neck with their details
(the frontal,nasal,oral and neck regions)
1. nasolacrimal duct
2. sella turcica
3. sphenoid sinus
4. frontal sinus
5. ethmoid sinus cells
6. maxillary sinus
7. hard palate
8. tongue
9. adenoid
10. eustachian tube opening
11. nasopharynx
12. soft palate
13. palatine tonsil
14. oropharynx
15. laryngopharynx
16. vocal folds(true cord)
17. esophagus
18. hyoid bone
19. epiglottis
20. thyroid cartilage
21. trachea

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R. deChable6/4/2017

Very helpful in understanding patulous eustachian tube (PET) disfunction

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